Foundation Year in Curative Education

This year is open to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Curative Education.  Current Waldorf teachers, students in a Waldorf Teacher training program or anyone interested in integrating Curative Education into their work is welcome. 

We will begin with a week long intensive in Gold Beach, Oregon.  We will meet

Saturday through Wednesday and break ground for the work that will continue throughout the year.

 After the introductory week we will begin in the fall meeting twice a month at Mulberry Woods in Fairfax, CA.   Each student will be required to schedule a mentoring meeting each month as well as times for monthly observation at Mulberry Woods.  Although there is minimal written homework for this program students are expected to attend class, schedule mentoring meetings, schedule observation times, prepare child observations and participate in a practicum.  

The purpose of the first year is to expand and deepen understanding of Steiner’s Curative Education to prepare students to take up a real, practical work.  We will cover observation,  The pedagogical law, the inner work of the teacher, the Curative polarities and their effects of the twelve senses, how to build a deep understanding of the child through observation and how to address the difficulties presented by the conditions of the polarities and their effects on the senses.  We will also explore the use of what Steiner referred to as Therapeutic Gymnastics.  We will use an understanding of the seven life processes as a framework for this year’s curriculum.  We will meet bi-monthly and each student will be required to schedule a mentoring meeting each month as well as times for observation at Mulberry Woods.

Each student will be required to complete a two week practicum, working hands on either during the school year at Mulberry Classroom or at our summer camp.  

Year Two of the Curative Training

Practical Applications

Again, we will meet bi-monthly. The whole group will meet together once a month and go through Steiner’s “Curative Education” in depth, paragraph by paragraph.  For the second monthly meeting we will spilt into two groups.  In this year students will need to decide between completing the program with an emphasis on integrating Curative Education into their existing classroom or preparing to be a teacher in what Steiner called the “Little Class.”  This second monthly meeting will focus on the practical approaches for each setting.  Again, each student will need to schedule monthly mentoring meetings. 


Year Three

Working Independently

In this year the student will begin working on their own, either in a classroom setting, or in a “Little Class.”  We will no longer meet as a group, but students will continue the mentoring process individually to make sure they have adequate support as they begin to implement Steiner’s intentions.   


For students in the area classes are held at Mulberry Woods in Fairfax, CA

Long distance students can also participate using GoToMeeting. This means the majority of the course work can be accomplished from your home. Long distance students are required to visit Mulberry Woods for one week during the school year for the observation portion of the training and also participate in Mulberry Summer Camp as their practicum.