It is clear that more and more children are in need of a new understanding.  Teachers and parents are well aware of the difficulties and are looking for support.  Mainstream approaches, which address the symptoms, are not so helpful in providing long term results or real healing.  Labels create fear in both parents and teachers.  They separate us.  Rudolf Steiner gave us a way of understanding all children in every setting.  In addition to his work with Waldorf Pedagogy he also gave us Curative Education, which he referred to as the deepening of Waldorf Education. His original intention was that every teacher be a curative teacher, and that every child would have a place in a Waldorf school.  Most can be served in a “Big Classroom” if the teacher and parents know how to really see the child and can provide them with what they need; can meet them where they are.  The study of Curative Education provides parents and teachers with the tools they will need to meet the majority of students.  Some students will need more.  They will need what Steiner referred to as the “The Little Class;” a small school within a school where the rhythm, structure and approach will better serve them, at least for a time.  Steiner intended that some of those students would be able to return to the “Big Class” but for others it would be a place where they could thrive and progress at the pace best suited to them. It is clear that in every school we have to be open to a new approach.  The interesting thing is that the “new” approach is actually to go back to the “old” ideal.  When we return to what Steiner intended we will be able to understand every child given into our care.  We will be able to return to our original mandate as Waldorf teachers, meaning that we will truly be able to be healing educators.  The purpose of the trainings and services I offer is to offer support to deepen the understanding of Rudolf Steiner's work and make it accessible.  I did not create the work,  but I am grateful to be able to share with you what I have learned by working extensively with Curative Education for many years.  

Robyn M. Brown