Professional Biography

I completed my teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College, in Fair Oaks, California.  Rene Querido was my teacher.  During the time of my training I worked at the Sacramento Waldorf High School, directing the High School Musical.  I then attended a Kindergarten Seminar in Bern Switzerland.  After that I took a class at the Marin Waldorf School, working with the same group of children from Kindergarten through to Eighth Grade.   

During my time as a kindergarten and then grades teacher I became more and more aware that there were a few children in my care for whom my best wasn’t good enough.  These students needed more than I had been trained to provide for them.  Although they may have received every kind of therapy I know of nothing really changed their condition thoroughly.

This was the question I took into my sabbatical; what do we do for the children who need more?  I went to work with Sunny Baldwin, who then had Somerset School, near Colfax, California.  Sunny’s program was based on Steiner’s Curative Education.  As soon as I went to work with her I realized I had finally found something that changed lives.  The children who came to Somerset got better.  Healing happened.  Although my original intention was to stay a year, I ended up staying for four years.  This was my training in Curative Education.  After four years at Somerset I started Mulberry Classroom. Mulberry Classroom was formed in 2003 and continues to thrive in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Ten years ago I started a training for Curative Educators.  The interest in this training keeps growing, and so I am growing the program to meet these needs.